Livelihood Restoration Coordinator

Job Title: Livelihood Restoration Coordinator – EACOP Uganda

Reports to: EACOP Uganda Livelihood Restoration Head

Staff managed (supervised) (number): approx. 3

Missions / Job Dimensions

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project involves the construction and operation of a buried, cross-border pipeline to transport crude oil from the Lake Albert area in Uganda to the eastern coast of Tanzania for export to international markets. The pipeline will run from Kabaale in Hoima District, Uganda, to Chongoleani, Tanga Region, in Tanzania. The length of the pipeline is 1,443 kilometers (km) of which 296 km will be in Uganda. In Uganda the pipeline will traverse ten (10) Districts, comprising Hoima, Kikuube, Kakumiro, Kyankwanzi, Mubende, Gomba, Sembabule, Lwengo, Rakai and Kyotera.

EACOP will ensure that the livelihoods of all PAPs are restored to, or improved beyond, pre-project levels. Livelihood restoration measures will consider the overall livelihood activities of each PAP and the severity of impacts to the livelihoods of people induced by the Project land acquisition. The overall aim of the EACOP Livelihood Restoration Programme (LR Programme) is to ensure that in compliance with IFC Performance Standard 5 (Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement) the production, income-earning capacity, standards of living, and overall means of livelihood for displaced households will be improved, or at least, restored to pre-Project levels. An overarching description of the EACOP Uganda Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) can be found in the EACOP Uganda Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) here

EACOP Uganda is developing its Livelihood Restoration Team (LR Team) in preparation for LR Programme delivery. This team will work within the EACOP Land and Social Team, and will be responsible for the delivery of the LR Programme. The objectives of the team are to ensure that

  • the LR Programme meets technical and schedule expectations and supports the overall delivery of the EACOP Project
  • appropriate livelihood restoration packages (LR Packages) of activities are developed for restoration of PAPs’ livelihoods in the Project-affected areas
  • LR Programme delivery contractors are procured and effectively managed to deliver the LR Packages
  • effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the LR Programme, and timely reporting to stakeholders
  • the LR Programme meets HSE expectations



The role will supervise the delivery and monitoring of the LR Programme in their respective area.


The Livelihood Restoration Coordinator is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Line management of the Livelihood Restoration Supervisors
  • Coordination of the Livelihood Restoration Contractors (LRCs) and Local Implementing Partners (LIPs) delivering the livelihood restoration activities, including
    • Providing technical advice on the LR Package designs
    • Reviewing Livelihood Restoration Delivery Plans (LRDPs) before LR Package delivery commencement, as requested by the Livelihoods Restoration Head
    • Monitoring LR Programme delivery timing and quality in their respective area
    • Performance management of the LRC, LIPs and transitional support delivery contractors in their respective area
    • Reviewing LRC and transitional support delivery contractor monthly reports as requested by the Livelihoods Restoration Head
    • Providing technical advice on LR Package delivery improvements where appropriate
    • Act as a point of contact with the District authorities for LR Programme matters in their respective area in coordination with EACOP Community Relations Coordinator
    • Act as an EACOP LR Programme representative at monthly LR Programme coordination meetings
  • Supporting the LR Programme M&E system, including
    • Supporting the induction of the LRC on the M&E system in their respective area
    • Monitoring LRCs’ correct usage of the M&E system
    • Reviewing quarterly M&E reports as requested by the Livelihoods Restoration Head
    • Participating in six-monthly field verification visits in their respective area as appropriate
  • Work with the HSE department to ensure all HSE risks associated with the LR Programme are met
  • Participate in EACOP grievance management committee, as requested

Context and Environment

S/he will report to the EACOP Uganda Livelihoods Restoration Head, and is required to demonstrate exemplary behaviour with regard to compliance and HSE rules and requirements. S/he will be based in the field.


  • Ensure delivery of LR Programme activities on schedule; ensure timely reporting.
  • Support LR Programme delivery coordination with pipeline construction and land acquisition schedule in their respective area.
  • Ensure effective communication between the LR Team and all other EACOP teams in their respective area.
  • Undertake all activities in compliance with EACOP Uganda standards, HSE rules, and regulations.

Qualifications and Required Experience

Professional experience: professional experience (min 10 years) in managing agricultural/rural development projects within rural communities at a senior level.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in sustainable rural livelihoods development or a similar field.

Technical competencies: Technical knowledge and experience of relevant livelihood sectors (e.g. crop agriculture, livestock rearing, enterprise development); excellent competency in the use of MS Word and Excel, data management, and preparation of quantitative and qualitative documents and reports relating to livelihoods development programming.

Behavioural competencies: Detail oriented person, highly organised, systematic working, close attention to detail, strong team worker with excellent communication skills, ability to meet deadlines. High computer skills, quantitative and qualitative data management, analytical, and reporting skills.

Fluent in English (speaking, writing) and knowledge of either Luganda, Runyoro or Runyankole recommended.

Persons along the pipeline corridor are strongly encouraged to apply.


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