Promotion of Climate Resilient Agronomy

Promotion of Climate Resilient Agronomy in Coffee Growing in Nebbi and Zombo and Arua in West Nile by AFCE Uganda - Agency for Community Empowerment

To help farmers cope up and mitigate effects of climate change in coffee production and their other crops and livestock, AFCE Uganda committed to conduct rural appropriate field based demonstrations training on climate resilient agricultural techniques.
Some farmers have already adopted and practicing climate smart technology such as use of organic pesticides and manure, digging trenches or use of contours, mulching and stumping, pruning and de-suckering among others.

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AFCE Uganda is a Non Governmental Organization that seeks to contribute to creation of decent work for young people by promoting a positive attitude towards work, providing life skills, conducting trainings and developing linkages for interdependence and development. For feedback write to info [at]

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