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Gender Based Violence (GBV) Awareness Campaign

Gender Based Violence (GBV) Awareness Campaign in Nebbi - Zombo - West Nile - AFCE Uganda - Agency for Community Empowerment

Gender Based Violence is a silent cancer that has tormented communities in Uganda for so many years. It is responsible for low household productivity. According to research done by AFCE, majority of households experiencing GBV (Gender Based Violence) live insecure financial lives, with children not in school, inability to afford basic health services and lack to access to healthy nutrition.

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AFCE Uganda is a Non Governmental Organization that seeks to contribute to creation of decent work for young people by promoting a positive attitude towards work, providing life skills, conducting trainings and developing linkages for interdependence and development. For feedback write to info [at] afceug.org.

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  1. […] the West Nile Districts of Nebbi and Zombo. The approach integrates; social enterprise development, advocacy on fundamental human rights (gender based violence, women land rights and budget tracking and accountability) as well as youth […]

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