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Promotion of Pro-Poor Coffee Value Chain

Promotion of Pro-Poor Coffee Value Chain in Nebbi - Arua - Zombo Districts of West Nile by AFCE Uganda and OXFAM - Agency for Community Empowerment

To improve the quality of coffee by small holder’s farmers in the region, AFCE Uganda with support from OXFAM has constructed seven (7) coffee micro-washing and processing stations in West Nile region. The construction of the micro station has resulted in to increase in the quality and quantity of coffee bulked and sold from 5,000 kilograms in 2017 to 31,000 kilograms in 2019 in the beneficiary communities.


Key achievements in promoting pro-poor coffee value chain

AFCE Uganda has built experience and expertise in the areas of contributing to community resilient livelihoods through promotion of integrated coffee value chain development in the West Nile Districts of Nebbi and Zombo. The approach integrates; social enterprise development, advocacy on fundamental human rights (gender based violence, women land rights and budget tracking and accountability) as well as youth skills development.

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Following our work in the region we have realized the following results;

  • Significant increase in the quality and quantity of coffee produced by small scale coffee farmers from 70% cup score recorded in 2016 to 85%,87%,89% reported in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. This has also led to steady increase in prices from 4000 per parchment reported in 2016 to 6300, 7500 recorded in 2018, 2019 respectively.
  • Remarkable increase in the quantity of coffee bulked and sold at the micro-station from 33,835 kgs in 2018 to 65,959 kgs in 2019. Coffee Samples were sent to 20 buyers and three buyers committed to buy the coffee ( Avara coffee, Crop to cup and This side up),
  • Significant Increase in number of women planting and owning coffee gardens. In 2019, 69,778 kilograms of cherry was sold by women and 4,762 coffee seedlings where planted by women compared to 46,210 cherry and 2,218 seedlings in 2018 respectively. More families reported improvement in their relationship as a result of men opening up planning and sharing space to women. A total of 440 households out of 1070 Households reported to be planning together how to mobilize, distribute and use resources at home.
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AFCE Uganda is a Non Governmental Organization that seeks to contribute to creation of decent work for young people by promoting a positive attitude towards work, providing life skills, conducting trainings and developing linkages for interdependence and development. For feedback write to info [at] afceug.org.

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