Maths / Physics Part Time Teacher (O’ and A’ level)

The position

AKES, U  is a private, not for profit organization committed to enriching the lives of “many generations of multi-racial and multi-cultural student populations” through the provision of quality and affordable education. AKES, U operates schools from Pre-School to High School and offers the British National Curriculum (BNC), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the Uganda National Primary and Secondary curriculum.

At Aga Khan School we live by the school mission statement which states, “The Aga Khan Education services will enable many generations to acquire both knowledge and the essential spiritual wisdom to balance that knowledge and enable their lives to attain the highest fulfilment”.

The fulfilment of the mission statement by all teachers will be through these Major Responsibilities:

Class Atmosphere and ethos

  • Adopt a positive approach to all students in the school in respect of capability, behaviour and cultural diversity.
  • Maintain the classroom used in a safe, clean and orderly manner, valuing and displaying children’ work, promptly reporting any damage or misuse.
  • Check student appearance (personal hygiene and uniform) and lesson attendance. Set a good example by being well-dressed and punctual for school duties.
  • Treat pupils’ records (performance) with utmost confidentiality.

Teaching and Learning

  • Be responsible for the effective instruction, training and assessment of students in the subjects assigned. Prepare daily lesson plans and use them.
  • Be responsible for the development of a growth mind-set in students to include (critical thinking skills, ethics, creativity, responsibility, respect, problem solving skills).
  • By following the syllabus, prepare students thoroughly for good examination success liaising with colleagues on strategies, targets, revision programme etc.
  •  Maximise the use of exam results in learning. Prepare end of term reports within the deadlines set.
  • Maintain a record of work, mark sheets and organise educational support sessions where necessary to meet targets.
  • Be willingly involved in the wider cultural and sporting life of the school. Each teacher will help in Club and House activities. Promote student leadership and responsibility whenever possible

Community relations

  • Hold informal and formal discussions with parents (teacher-parent conferences) on performance of their children, Attend parent meetings at his/her class level, and specialist teachers should attend such meetings.
  • Promote the good image of the school within and outside the school environment.

Personal and Professional development

  • Participate in professional development programs e.g. workshops on modern teaching and learning approaches, computer training etc.
  • Keep up interest in and implement ideas shared during workshops/training.
  • Be responsible for the statement of personal learning needs aimed at improving classroom instructions as well as meeting the requirements of the teachers career path at AKES,U

The requirements

Qualification and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, or a specialist subject.
  • Registered as a Graduate Teacher with the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  • Minimum of 5+years of Teaching experience on the Uganda National Curriculum.
  • Self-motivated and committed teachers, with a proven strong track-record of academic achievement.

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of contemporary teaching methods.
  • Knowledge of a variety of contemporary teaching methodologies.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge and training of the new curriculum.


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