Study health workers (Nurses /Lab officers ) – 10 Positions


Position status: Short-term contract

Reporting to: Field team lead/supervisor

Position Objectives:

The purpose of this job is to support collection, appropriate packaging, shipment of TB sputum and HIV samples from the field samples to central laboratories in addition to carrying out HIV rapid tests and appropriate disposal of waste in line with the TB prevalence survey protocol and Manual of Operations.

Specific assignment

  1. Daily requisition for sample collection materials for sputum, HIV blood and DBS collection, processing, storage, and transportation from the logistics officer through field team leader.
  2. Obtain informed consent from participants
  3. Allocate study PIN numbers to eligible respondents and record the allocated PIN on the respondent’s invitation card that the participants wear from station to station
  4. Record the PIN on the individual respondent’s questionnaire
  5. Administer a structured questionnaire covering g to all eligible and consenting respondents.
  6. Accurately and timely record respondent’s responses
  7. Hand over study respondents to a volunteer who leads the participant to the radiographer and to the next stations.
  8. Follow project protocol and manual of field operations in all procedures and always keep all study information confidential.
  9. Ensure appropriate infection control measures as per the protocol SOPs
  10. Instruct study participants on sputum collection technique and open spaces where sputum collection should be carried out.
  11. Receive sputum samples from study respondents and check for sample quality and adequacy.
  12. Maintain sample viability prior shipment to central laboratories as prescribed in the study protocol and Manual of Operations
  13. Collect sputum, and blood samples from eligible respondents
  14. Label all samples appropriately
  15. Perform rapid HIV tests, and appropriately store blood and sputum samples prior to shipment to the regional and central testing labs.
  16. Process and record HIV results in appropriate study tools.
  17. Offer appropriate pre and posttest counselling, and Issue study HIV results to respondents.
  18. Fill out the TB and other registers and the lab request form
  19. Completely and accurately fill out sputum, IGRA, VL, COVID-PCR and Blood culture collection and transportation registers.
  20. Apply study Personal identification numbers on all collected samples and tools that correspond each request form.
  21. Package and ship study samples/specimen to central lab through approved sample referral/transportation mechanisms within 48hours of collection.
  22. Collect contaminated materials and infectious waste in vinyl bags and dispose them following recommended MoH waste disposal guidelines.
  23. In all procedures, follow the project protocol and manual of field operations and always keep all study information confidential.
  24. Perform other related duties as required.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications:

  • May have any of the following: Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery or Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing, Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology, bachelor’s in biomedical lab technology. MUST HAVE CERTIFICATION IN HIV RAPID TESTING BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH (Verified by the UVRI database for rapid testers), Certificate in good clinical practice is added advantage.

How to apply: Interested persons should send their applications with current CV, stating two referees and their contacts to the Dean, Makerere University School of Public Health, not later than Monday, October 03, 2022, 5.00 pm via the application links below.

NB: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

Study Health Workers:

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