Agency for Community Empowerment – (AFCE Uganda)

Agency for Community Empowerment (AFCE) is a youth led not for profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in the West Nile Sub region of Uganda. It was established in 2011 by a group of young professionals to address socio-economic and environmental problems affecting the poor and vulnerable youth in the sub region.
AFCE formation was and or is to improve the livelihood of the young people by empowering them utilize their full potential towards holistic development through promotion of positive attitude towards work, provision of life skills training, development of market linkages for interdependence and development.

Civil Society Fraternity Partner

AFCE is a partner of the civil society fraternity that seeks to develop capacities and capabilities of small holder farmers in rural communities in Uganda.  This means we work to promote sustainable Agriculture as a strategy for rural development hence improved livelihood of the rural communities.
With the target beneficiaries mainly coming from the rural communities, AFCE has a conviction that it can strategically build the capacity of the vulnerable and the poor young people in the West Nile sub region to appropriately and effectively respond to socio-economic and environmental challenges they face; for them to become more productive and fully enjoy quality life.
The organization further seeks to contribute to creation of decent work for young people by promoting positive attitude towards work, provide life skills, conduct trainings and develop linkages for interdependence and development.

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Agency for Community Empowerment

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